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It is time to relax and just enjoy the moment is needed by all as we know all work and no play makes one lose out on the fun part of life. Computer or our range of games(electronic and boards) and consoles on our online store such as video games and consoles, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, board games. Accessories for different consoles are available such as controller pads, wireless controller pads, grand theft, Auto V, Assassin Creed, shadow of the Colossus, Xbox, game machine, switch, Gray Joy Con, Mortal Combat to name a few. Check our online game store for hi-tech consoles and games you are bound to enjoy. These consoles come with varying memory capacities and sizes for your varied need, for those who are heavy users we got them covered with 5000GB disk and more for their enjoyment to play with. Play and have fun no matter your age, we have a console that will get you engaged while having fun no matter what you're into whether football or war and guns. Payment in installment available for this category of products. Enjoy fast nationwide delivery across Nigeria and payment on delivery within Lagos State.
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